Monday, August 29, 2011

Arduino Garden Sprinkler - Sketch & Circuits

I had mentioned about my Arduino project for making an automated sprinkler system for my garden in an earlier post (here).

I think I need some more time to test out the stuff, since it has been raining here mostly these days. I got some suggestions for using a latching solenoid and solar panels, and will be trying them out in my next iteration. But I decided to put it out as it is anyway, hoping that may be one of my readers can help by trying this out at a drier place. Do feel free to ping me for any information.

I used Fritzing to do some rough layouts and give me an idea of the PCB layouts. I haven't gotten on to etch a PCB yet, my focus was to make modular designs and use perforated boards till I make a stable design.

Here are the Fritzing files.

And below is the Arduino Sketch for the garden sprinkler.

  • 12th Sep 2011: Fixed a bug in flushing code. Changed time storage to long. I'm facing a strange problem of the manual start/stop switch being unresponsive. I think it's the hardware, loose connections on the hobby board.
  • 03rd Oct 2011: Added a LCD screen. On screen readings and status messages. No more blinking LEDs.

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