Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why Was Twitter Successful?

Why was Twitter successful? Why didn't other similar services match up? Why couldn't anyone else take the idea and do it better? Always wondered, but a discussion at work yesterday prompted some reading and this post.

A video by Jack Dorsey with a few takeaways from his experience creating Twitter.

But wait... the best one is here - a nice long discussion on this topic. Myriad facts and opinions from many different people. Found this informative and thought provoking.

From whatever I gathered, the most importnat factors I thought were:

  • Came at the right time, when there were not many alternatives.
  • Was of the right simplicity/complexity.
  • Appealed to contributors. easy. Brevity promotes even trivial and incomplete thoughts to be presented without guilt or responsibility. Contributors dragged many followers.
  • Was a cheap advertising medium, which many corporations embraced. They publicized and pulled in followers.
  • Creators had the right influence to give it the initial publicity push.
  • Focussed attempt to solve a definite narrow problem, and only that problem, well.

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