Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nokia Xpress Music 5800 Aka Nokia Tube

Nokia has released its next touch screen phone - the Nokia 5800. Nokia's earlier models with touch screens and handwrting recognition (6108, 7710) have not been great successes. It remains to be seen how this phone, touted to be iPhone competitor, does. There is an article at IndiaTimes Infotech which lists "What Nokia 5800 has, iPhone doesn’t". Makes good reading, but just tech features are not enough. It takes a great deal to reach Apple's level of refinement and perfection in term of human interfaces, and after having looked at the YouTube videos I'm not that sure of the Nokia 5800 reaching those levels. However it might be a good option for those who value features more and can do with less refined interfaces.

There are some early reviews in the WWW blog and in CrunchGear. There are also quite a few videos in YouTube.

I personally was disappointed on it being branded as a music phone. The overall finish also looks cheap. But it does seem to have a decent internet browser and the 3.2 inch 640x360 screen would be a good browsing experience. The front screen can be switched between a more business oriented shortcuts & messages view and a fun oriented contacts view. The music player can take a regular headphone. There are multiple data input modes - handwriting recognition, T9, QWERTY or mini QWERTY. No information yet about email and office capabilities, but I don't see why they can't be installed on the 5800.

So one more phone is now added to my drool list. At the moment, the phones that I'm drooling over are the HTC Touch HD, Nokia E71, Nokia 5800 and the iPhone.

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