Friday, March 28, 2008

Smarter Vehicle Brake Light System

Saw this post on smart brake light system where the LEDs light up and glow different colors depending on how hard you press on the brake pedal. Great!

In my understanding, the brake lights are there to warn people behind that the vehicle is slowing down. But lot of people decelerate using engine braking. The vehicle may also be slowing down on its own on an uphill climbing. So a system that detects the rate of deceleration instead of just the brake pedal pressure will be much more useful. The rate of deceleration can dictate how many of the LEDs light up and in what color. and a simple gyro can detect and measure decelerations. Any automobile engineers listening out there?

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Tanmay said...

Apparently they do sense deceleration. Here is another post from DailyTech that talks about the same thing but also mentions that it has a deceleration sensor.