Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Google for Your Phone

Google has released a new native search client for Series 60 phones. The native search client enables a shortcut key to invoke Google search much faster. It also enables you to enter your current location (it remembers your last location too) and search local information.

This is a very smart move by Google. Every time I look at my phone, I now see Google! I will use Google more often. I'm sure subsequent versions will improve to
  • automatically pick up my location based on cell id or GPS location.
  • let me create an index on my phone and have a phone desktop search.
And ultimately, now that Google can index my SMSs, notes, calendar, browser cache and documents, and it knows where I am, it can serve better ads to me.

The search result pages have also been enhanced with maps! This is something similar to what we had done in one of our projects for a client in Australia - provide local search with Google maps on the phone browser. It is heartening to see Google do something similar themselves! Moreover the search options are customizable as on the internet.

There is also a new Google personalized homepage for the mobile, similar to iGoogle. I can customize the home page by selecting widgets from the available list and customizing them for my needs.

Google is actively customizing all its applications for the mobile. Recently it also released a mobile based application for YouTube for N-Series and E-Series Nokia phones. Soon we should find other native Symbian and Java applications for them, particularly a native application for Google Docs and Notes will be useful for people like me. It already has mobile browser based interfaces for almost all it's offerings. It recently tied up with Nokia to power Nokia search. There is still some time before Google Android becomes widespread and popular. In the meantime, Google is busy capturing share in the current non Android market and is getting ready to capitalize on the Mobile boom and internet - mobile convergence.

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