Tuesday, May 1, 2007

E61 Rocks!

The more I use my Nokia E61, the more fascinated I become with it. Connectivity options are simply great, and it is just rocks with all the great applications available for it. Music player, appears quite good. I haven't tried it with a quality headphone yet though. Comes bundled with Real player. I plan to try out other DivX and Ogg players. WiFi and VOIP. Got myself a Gizmo account and plan to try out VOIP. Will post once I try those.

My configuration:
Nokia E61
Firmware version: 3.0633.09.04, 20-11-06, RM-89
Transcend 2GB Mini SD Card

Apps I've fallen for:
  • Mail For Exchange - Bundled
  • Gmail: Google mail for mobile
  • Google Maps: Google maps for mobile
  • MG Maps: Another map client for Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.com maps
  • MG Talk: Google Talk and Jabber client
  • Go Talk Mobile: Another Google Talk and Jabbler client
  • GooSync: Sync your google calender with the phone
  • Fring: Mobile VOIP and IM, integrates with Skype & SIP

Also looks good:
  • Remind Me - Alerts for missed calls, unread SMS, voice mails

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