Friday, May 11, 2007

Bluetooth HID Keyboard for Nokia E61

I have been looking for a Bluetooth HID keyboard for E61 which can be used with a desktop computer as well. I wonder why the options are so limited and expensive. Here are few results from my search:

Some interesting sites:

Keyboard options I could find:

The Apple Wireless Keyboard seemed to be the most reasonable for my requirement. So off I went and bought one. The keyboard was neatly packaged. It came with the 4 AA batteries that it needed. The back cover opens easily with a coin or something similar. Put the batteries in, switched it on and I was set. No wires, no clutter.

Before I could start with my E-61, I had to install the Nokia Bluetooth Keyboard Application. Next I used the bluetooth connection manager and paired my E61 with the keyboard. There was a bit of difficulty in pairing them up, where the phone was not able to connect to the keyboard. I couldn't figure out why it was happening, but after 2-3 tries it did connect. Entered the passcode on the phone and entered then the same in the keyboard. Volia! It was connected.

Typing and navigation took some time to get used to, and after that it was more comfortable to use the keyboard instead of the smaller phone keypad. Some key mappings were tricky to figure out.

Check the illustration for some mappings I could find out. If you get to know some more mappings, do let me know!


Unknown said...

Great article I stumbled upon from someone's bookmarks. I was hoping to buy one of the new aluminum BT keyboards in order to use it with my E61i. Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

Could you please provide more detailed instructions on pairing the Apple Wireless Keyboard with the Nokia Eseries? I've made many attempts with no results. It works great with my Sony Vaio TX laptop running Windows XP except for some minor mapping problems. I understand that Kagi software will be coming out with a driver to fix that for Windows XP users.

Thanks for your post.


Tanmay said...

Hi rjs,

I did face some issues while pairing, but it finally worked after couple of tries. I guess the trouble was because of some timing issues while entering the passcode. You may try deleting any old mapping that you may have on your E61, reset your Apple keyboard and try mapping again. Do check and for some detailed steps.